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Resources for Cubs and Pack Scouters

We all know the adventures described in the Jungle Book! The characters are a young boy and jungle animals that children can relate to and together they embark on exciting adventures whilst learning new skills. The adults running the Cub Packs are called Pack Scouters with the person in charge being the Akela – as in the jungle book’s leader of the wolf pack.

There are hundreds of resources available for Pack Scouters. Some can be purchased at your Regional Scout Office, whereas others have been shared here.

If you have more resources to share, please share, share, share! Categorise the information under Cubs to make it easier to find by your fellow wolves, Akela’s, Baloo’s and Pack Scouters. Tag them according to games, activities, yarns, programme ideas, etc…

Adult Leaders Management Tools: There are many tools developed to help Pack Scouters run their packs.

Child Safety in Scouting: SCOUTS South Africa takes child protection very seriously. We all have a responsibility to keep our members safe from harm and all forms of abuse.

The Cub Trail: The Cub Trail is the programme for South African Cubs. It includes information on membership, on the awards and advancement schemes. on practical programme information and materials. © COPYRIGHT – SCOUTS SOUTH AFRICA.

Programmes-on-a-Plate: The Cub programme team created a set of Programmes-on-a-Plate (PoP) for Cub leaders to ensure that our Cubs receive quality programmes which not only provide the fun and adventure they are looking for, but also assist Cubs in their progress through the advancement trails.

“I want to…” programmes: The “I want to…” programmes provide ready – made templates for Pack Scouters to use. The themes include: “I want to be safe”, “I want to be happy”, “I want to do”, “I want to pretend”, and “I want to sing”.

Cubs and climate change: A number of programmes and projects are being run and implemented by Cub Packs all over the country. They range from Food for Life, to Messengers of Peace, DPSG sponsored initiatives, Cub annual challenge and Cub Recycling Badge.