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The “Star Awards” is an evaluation system used to recognise Troops and Patrols who are meeting the Aims of the Association.  The Scout methods used are the tools that make scouting different from any other youth organization.  The “Star Awards” also serve as an essential tool for Scouters, Commissioners, Regional and National Staff to identify weak areas so that appropriate corrective action can be taken or support given.

The Star Awards evaluate the activities completed between 1 October and 30 September every year.

Star Awards Timetable:


ADC (or under the new structure the Scout Programme Support Team Member) or DC visits each Troop and completes first evaluation.

Patrol Leaders and the Troop Scouter are guided on how to improve and overcome any weaknesses in order to achieve the gold star. 

These results are entered into the first column on the evaluation form.


Requirements discussed by DC with Troop Scouters at District Meeting


The second evaluation is carried out.  Results are entered in the second column with comments and venues of hikes’ etc. in the “comments and details” column.

15 November

Deadline for completed forms to be received by the Assistant Provincial Commissioner for Scout Programme (or under the new Structure the Regional Coordinator for the Scout Programme Support Team). The APC checks the forms and records the results for his/her strategic planning for the next year. 

15 December

Deadline for completed forms along with comments to be received by the National Scout Programme Committee at National Headquarters.



All troops and patrol started before March of the year are automatically part of the year’s evaluations.  Troops or Patrols that commence after March have the following options open to them.

·         They may send in a form and will receive only a participation certificate irrespective of which award they achieve in the evaluations

·         They may send in a form to be included in the year’s evaluation and will then become eligible for an award.  This is a Court of Honour decision and if adopted, the new patrols evaluation become part the troop’s annual evaluation for the year.  This is regardless of the award achieved by the patrol.