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Frequently Asked Questions about the Star Awards

Question 1— when will the star award forms be available to troops?

Answer—   Troop forms will be available from your provincial headquarters by the end of September. They are also available to download from the national Web site,

Question 2— how does a Troop start the evaluation for the Award?

Answer—   Troop leadership will meet with their assigned commissioner or a district-level volunteer to review the Troop’s program and establish program objectives. This should be done prior to the start of the new scout year (1st October).

Question 3— when will Troops & Patrols be able to qualify to earn the award?

Answer—   When all requirements are completed beginning no earlier than 30 September. Provinces have until 15 December to post the Troop’s achievement in to SAHQ.Certificates will be available from the end of January.

Question 4— how will the criteria for the award be distributed and explained to all provinces, districts, and Troop leadership?

Answer—   National will establish an implementation schedule. The program details include commitment forms for Troops, districts, and provinces; training agendas; and Troop action planning meeting support.

Question 5— are there other ways to learn about the Star Award program?

Answer—  The program explanation can be found on the Web site; or in most scout literature.

Question 6— when will the recognition items be available?

Answer—   All recognition items for each year will be available starting in 1st February the following year.

Question 7— does a Patrol or Troop have to meet all of the award criteria to earn the Gold award?

Answer—  Yes, for the Troop Award they do have to qualify for all criteria in order to achieve the gold award. Patrol Award has one option item. Either item 14 or 15 must be completed.

Question 8— on the Troop Records section, must all sections be answered yes to get gold award?

Answer—   Yes. But only two sections are required for Bronze (3 for Silver).

Question 9— can I obtain an electronic version of the Star Awards form?

Answer—  Yes, you can download it from

Question 12— what qualifies as an outdoor program or activity per month?

Answer—   Each Troop establishes a goal at the beginning of the year on the number of outdoor events or other activities. Normal Troop meetings cannot be counted as “outdoor activities”, even if they are held outdoors.  For this section of the Star Awards, the term “Outdoor Activity” refers to activities held away from the usual meeting place, and which are not run as usual meetings.  They could include hiking, treasure hunts, wide games, etc.

Question 13— how is recruitment of new adults defined?

Answer—   Commitment and involvement by more registered adults is the overall goal. The training provided to them is critical in engaging them in better support of the program. Each Troop should provide an annual orientation for all parents. As a part of the National Parent Initiative, a suggested list of specific tasks has been developed to involve more parents and adults in the program.

Question 14— what happens if a new Patrol Leader takes over just before the inspection?

Answer—  The Star Awards is based on the Patrol / Troop in its’ current state.  For example, when looking at the PL’s Advancement, one cannot aggregate between 2 PL’s over the year.  This implies that special planning needs to take place at the beginning of the scout year to ensure successful succession in Patrols.

Question 15— how do I count scouts as some have left, and some have joined

Answer—  For the Star Awards, you need to work on the current scouts who are in the Troop at the date of the inspection.  When counting Advancements or Interest Badges earned, one can use add the number of badges earned that year divided by the number of scouts at assessment date and get an average.

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