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The Springbok award is the highest award achievable by any scout apart of SSA. The completion of all requirements for the Springbok Award must occur before the applicant’s 18th birthday, with the exception of the final panel interview.

To ensure that you budget enough time to complete the requirements for the Springbok Award it is very important that you PLAN EARLY. Too many scouts are caught off-guard and miss out on their Springbok because they leave the planning too late.

A general overview of how the Springbok Award fits into your scouting journey can be found here: Overview of Springbok integration

It is a good idea to plan out your path through Explorer and Springbok from about the age of 16. To help you with this is a path to Springbok form: Path to Explorer and Springbok

Once you have completed your Explorer you will need to have a PGA with your troop scouter and discuss whether you are going to attempt to achieve your Springbok. Should you decide to go for the award you will need to meet with the Regional Springbok co-ordinator and your Troop Scouter and plan out what you will be doing for each of your Springbok tasks and place provisional dates for them Therefore it is important you bring a calendar with you to the meeting so that you can start organizing your Springbok activities.

Before you can begin any of these activities you will need to make sure you send your Springbok registration form to SSAHQ after your meeting with your Troop Scouter and Regional Springbok co-ordinator. Springbok-Registration form

In the unfortunate event that you are not able to complete all the requirements for the Springbok Award before your 18th birthday you may apply for an extension. However please note: An extension is not granted unless there are extenuating
circumstances, which have been totally out of the control of the scout. No extension will be granted if it is due to poor planning or late start on your award. Springbok-Scout-Extension