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Scouts – Backwoods – Water Filter

Scouts – Backwoods – Traps And Snares
Nooses and deadfall traps for capturing animals in a survival situation, and rules for using traps in a survival situation

Scouts – Backwoods – Solar Still
For collecting water in dry regions, or obtaining drinking water from dirty or salty water

Scouts – Backwoods – Shelters
Survival shelters constructed from natural materials

Scouts – Backwoods – Cooking

Scouts – Backwoods – Recipes
Recipes for cooking on a fire without implements, including spud egg, potatoes, bundu mielie, fiji oven, kebabs, fish, twisters, dampers and more.

Scouts – Backwoods – Poisonous Snakes
Puff adder, berg adder, horned adder, cape cobra, rinkhals, black mamba, green mamba, boomslang

Scouts – Backwoods – Finding North And South
Finding direction using the stars (Southern Cross) or using the sun and a watch

Scouts – Backwoods – Diseases Of The Outdoors
Bilharzia, Typhoid, Malaria, Mountain Sickness, Leeches

Scouts – Backwoods – Cloud Types
Different types of clouds including cirrus, nimbus, cumulus, stratus

Pro Plan Chart – 6 Plaster Casts

Pro Plan Chart – 17 Axemanship

Pro Plan Chart – 24 Leaf Impressions

Pro Plan Chart – 30 Purifying Water

Pro Plan Chart – 38 Blanket Bed

Pro Plan Chart – 40 Study Of The Stars

Pro Plan Chart – 44 Signalling

Pro Plan Chart – 52 Handicrafts

Pro Plan Chart – 53 Ground To Air

Pro Plan Chart – 58 Secrets Of Stalking

Pro Plan Chart – 59 Making A Plaster Cast

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