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Scout Badge Book

The Scout Badge Book is continuously being updated, and the latest edition of each section is available here.

Contents (2004)

Outdoor Code (2004)

Section 1: Introduction (2009)

Section 2: The Scout (2009)

Section 3: The Scout Programme Requirements (2009)

Section 4: Challenge Awards (2004)

Section 5: Interest and Scoutcraft Badges (2012)

Scoutcraft Badges (2012)

Interest Badges A-B (2009)

Interest Badges C-E (2009)

Interest Badges F-L (2009)

Interest Badges M-P (2009)

Interest Badges R-Z (2009)

Section 6: Wearing of Badges and Insignia
Refer to Badge Charts

Section 7: The Rover Scout (2004)

Also see the information about the President’s Award

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