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The ROVER section of the Scout Movement is open to young men and women between the ages of 18 and 30, who need not have been members of the Scout or Guide Movements previously in order to join.

Becoming a member of a Rover crew will provide you with a challenge and the opportunity to develop your personal abilities, as well as learning plenty of new skills.

Rovers could be described as a fellowship of the open air and service. You’ll find there’s an extensive range of activities open to you, and socially, you’ll be mixing with a group of young adults doing the things you want to do. Every Rover Crew is different, and tailors its activities to the requirements of its members.

Outdoor activities such as bush walking; caving, canoeing, ski touring, rock-climbing and scuba diving are all important parts of many Rover Crews’ calendars. In fact, when it comes to Rover activities, imagination is your only limit. Rovers will develop your ability to lead other young people to adventure, and you will appreciate the value of helping other people. The word “service” is synonymous with Rovering.

The friends you make in Rovers will be lifelong friends. You will plan and manage your Crew’s activities, and learn the value of teamwork and co-operation.

Rovering has so much to offer; you will find the decision to join an easy one to make.

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