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Before being admitted to a Rover Crew, one must have attained the age of eighteen.

One joins a Rover Crew as a Recruit irrespective of whether one comes from Scouts, Guides or as a newcomer. Rover Crews do not always meet on a weekly basis and therefore a three-month probation period is set, and after this time the Recruit is invested as a Squire. The non-Scout is first to be invested as a Scout, and must be prepared to accept the Scout Promise and Law and commit himself to the Rover Crew’s particular programme after acceptance by the Crew (and vice versa). When the Recruit is invested as a Squire, he or she then chooses a Sponsor from the available invested Rovers. The non-Scout must familiarise himself, assisted by the Sponsor, with the many Scouting skills.

A Service Task (or quest) is decided upon between the Squire and Sponsor, and this task should be of such a nature as to give the Squire a “taste of what is to come”. A word of advice to Sponsors don’t overdo it – you might scare them off! The booklets “What is Scouting” and “What is Rovering” and also BP’s “Rovering to Success” must be read.

Once you are a Rover you have a vote, and may also possibly receive a key to the Den, as happens in some Crews, thus allowing you to make full use of it in your spare time, as a quiet place, or for study.

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