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Baden Powell wrote in his book Rovering to Success “It is not possible to run Rovers efficiently without a Den.”

The Den is to be under Rover management and is out of bounds to non-Crewmembers. This “taboo” might cause some complications with other branches of the Group, as some Group Committee Chairmen think all belongs to them. It is better then to have a Group Scouter to act as a buffer between the Crew and the rest of the Group, and make the GSM an Honorary Member of the Crew.

Keep the Crew and Den shrouded in mystery!

A den should be easily accessible to avoid crossing someone else’s property, as it always leads to trouble. If you are building a new den, do so on Scout property. The majority of Rover Crews have their dens in a room somewhere in the attic or basement of the Scout Hall. Building a new den from the foundation up is like no other project; it brings the Crew together as no other project ever will. When planning and designing the den, remember that there must be a meeting area, a ceremonial area, a kitchen and toilet facility (if there is no existing one nearby). Keep the kitchen within earshot of the meeting area to allow the coffee maker to hear what is being discussed!

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