The Sportsmanship Award

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  1. Participate in a sport at club level for at least two consecutive seasons, showing good commitment to the sport and club activities.
  2. Participate in a different sport for at least the same length of time. (You need not attain the same level of proficiency but must show good knowledge of the rules and skills needed). At least one of the above sports must be a team sport.
  3. Attain a high level of proficiency in the sport of your choice (maintain a high standard relative to your ability – judged by your RSL and Crew) or have served on the club committee for at least two terms of office.
  4. Play an active role in development of your sport in communities other than your own (run coaching clinics etc).
  5. Know the rules of your sport and act as an official, judge or match referee at a minimum of two league meetings or matches.
  6. Give a talk to an audience not made up of fellow sportsmen, stressing the benefits of sport, exercise and healthy living.
  7. Draw up a training programme that you would need to follow to improve your performance in your sport of choice. The schedule must include training in and out of season. Follow that programme for a year and report back to your crew on your progress.
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