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Once a Squire has been given their epaulettes (in other words, been invested as a Rover) he or she can never give them up. He or she may stop attending meetings, but should be placed on a “non register”, thus becoming a country member. It is important to maintain contact with this type of Rover, especially for those special traditional functions and large projects which cannot be coped with by the Crew on their own through lack of numbers. Their advice, knowledge, experience and “remember when” stories can be invaluable to Recruits, Squires and Rovers alike.

Honorary members should be few and far between. These are usually people who for many years have assisted and supported the Crew. By way of example, to help overcome some of the mystery and so-called secrecy surrounding the Rover Crew, it is often worthwhile inviting the Group Scouter to become an honorary member, thus giving him or her a better understanding of the Crew and allowing him to act as a buffer between the Crew and the Group Committee. These members enjoy a similar status to that of country members in that they are able to join in events and ceremonies of the Crew but are not able to vote on issues raised at general meetings of the Crew.

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