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International activities

If you are a member of SCOUTS South Africa and will be travelling into another country then you need to ask for a letter of introduction from SAHQ as a courteousy to the receiving country’s scouting organisation.

Letter of introduction: Application-For-Letter-of-Introduction-International

If you are a scout visting another country then you need to apply to SAHQ to request permission to travel there and/or partake in an activity.: Application-SAScouts-Visiting-Foreign-Countries

Conversley if you are a foreign scout wanting to visit South Africa we kindly request you fill out this form and send it into SAHQ prior to your arrival: Application-Foreign-Scout-Visiting-SSA

Scouting is all about making connections with others and what a privilege to do so across borders. Make sure you write up a report on how your trip went and send it into SAHQ.