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Are you a boy or girl between 7-11 years old?

Interested in joining the largest world-wide youth movement? Being a Cub is fun and exciting! You learn new things, make new friends, do good turns to help people, and protect nature around you!

Play and sing together with friends.  Build things, discover and explore new places. Learn about plants, animals, cultures and technologies. Go camping or have a sleepover.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, here is how you can become a Cub:

1. Find a cub pack near to you using the Scouts Near You page on our website. Visit the cub pack a couple of times to get an idea of what being a cub is all about.

2. Download, fill in and hand in the Application For Membership form to the Pack Scouter (Akela) at your cub pack.

We look forward to you joining us as we all look to do our best!

This Is Scouting!

If you are:

  • the parent of a boy or girl joining Scouting
  • an adult supporter taking up membership on a committee,
  • a prospective uniformed adult leader,

then the booklet  “This is Scouting” is for you!